Flux it. It goes like

Flux it.

It goes like this;

I have to do a piece of performance art for class on performance art Im taking.
I have an idea, its basically a re-presentation of a fluxus piece from the early 1960s.
I just need people whod be willing to print out an e-mailed page of sentences, cut them up and do something with them, pin them to noticeboards, toilet doors, trees, float them down streams, eat them, do something conceptual and you know, conceptual with them.
(I want to use the word wanky, but I cant, seeing as Ill have to use this post as part of my documentation. Oh, I did. Oh wank)
And then report back to me about what happened to the phrases.
Its kind of like a living poem
You put the things where people might stop and think about them, or where people might not see them, but you know theyre there.
Like putting the words this is beautiful on a streetlight, something that might make people stop and think, why? oh, well, I guess

Would anyone do that?
For me?
Or does anyone know a blogger that might be kind of interested in that, just to help out?
Ive left my organisation kind of late
Oh go on. Please?
You could e-mail me. Or say just here.
Ill be more erudite about it tomorrow.

Incidentally, if anyone had a good idea for phrases to stick up or float around the world and call it art
Funny would be good.

Just here in comments say;