Pleasant ways to fuck with your mind – number 378; Fly little text message, fly

I pressed the send button on my phone, and there was the little logo, the envelope with little flapping wings, and away went my text message, flap flap flap into the air, magically knowing just where it was going, like a tiny 2D carrier pigeon.

Sometimes I think about how text messages find the right phone
(the even more fantastic thing about my logical leap is that I believe that voices dont have a problem finding the right phone, but somehow text messages do. Obviously)

Suddenly, you can imagine the air full of them, tiny buzzing envelopes, whizzing past your ear, on an important errand, trying to find the right phone.

Imagine if you could see them all, and imagine further if you could see the words, floating past you;
I miss you,
I love you,
Phone me,
y r u ignoring me?

(and other mis-spelled annoyances. Im ignoring you because you dont seem to b able 2 spell are, even though youre a university-educated executive. Twat.)
I want you
You busy?
Your orange bill is due for repayment, please contact us on 152
Where are you?
Im wearing your pants

Imagine if you could see the words, all those conversations floating, zipping past your head, around buildings, over bridges, tiny little things, size of a fly, but an envelope instead. With wings.

Try it when youre walking down the street
If you try hard enough, you can see them everywhere.