proof I am not tuff. part too.

Man’s best friend – golden retriever or Anna?


I meet a guy, he’s lovely, attractive, great personality, open, intelligent, amazing. We meet, through friends, through work, through whatever, but we meet, connect, we get on. it’s incredible. we talk, and laugh, and somehow, we meet again, and again, and again…

Eventually, the inevitable comes.

He turns to me. Looks me in the eye. Says I’m wonderful. I reply similarly.

“Anna, you’re the best girl I know.” or something like.

“Thank you” I say, fluttering eyelashes madly… “You’re one of my favourite people too…”

“Aw,” says the ahnost perfect man, almost – but for… ” Help me, i need to know what to do about that girl over there, I really want to f*** her.”

And I help. Because that’s what I do. I like to have male friends Which is a bloody good thing, else I wouldn’t have many friends at all All I wish is that one day one of them would actually. Ach, actually what? I sound like a thirteen year old. I can sit in a pub surrounded by beautiful men, what more should i wish for?


But a kiss.