Killing harmless critters

I’ve just taken a life.

I killed a toad. I stood on it. I didn’t mean to. But then I just *did*. I killed something. A Toad. I’m a Toad-Killer. I have depleted the toad population of Iona by one. My Karma-card is forever marked, toad-wise.

Why must they tempt fate? Why can’t they go back to their little toady business, hopping across the road and back during the day, when we could see them and therefore live side by side in toad/person harmony. But no. They must do it at night, when we step on them and they die and we feel bad. It’s all a plot.

I took a life. I killed a toad. I stood on it. I took a life. I feel horrible.

I wouldn’t care, but I had sandals on at the time.


No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. Well, one. One toad. But what the fuck! It was a TOAD.