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7/5: Sunday sunday

Here are my things for sunday (based on the same principle of the ones I’ve been doing all week)

1) The vomiting has abated, let general celebration commence, and Doozer is gradually starting to return to eating food. Including, first, bananas, which he has never, ever agreed to eat before.

2) The longer I spend in an apartment that, weirdly, has no sofa, the more fetishistic I get about the greatness of sofas. Sofas are amazing. If you have a sofa – and I’m sure you do, it is the right and proper thing to do – go to your sofa right now and tell it you love it. Sofas are amazing. You can sit on them with people.

Seriously, who has no sofa?

3) I am currently watching the latest episode of The Good Wife. It continues to be one of the most enjoyable, talkable-about TV series My Beloved and I watch together. I feel sad for people who dismiss it because it’s not on a special channel or thought of as having a female lead, so not as … I don’t know, something.

4) Walking into the icy wind in New York, we discovered today, is quite a lot like having razor blades thrown at your face by a penguin. And also up your skirt. Those penguins are bastards.

5) We had hot dogs for dinner again. But they were artisanal hot dogs, so that’s probably better. Right? No. Oh, never mind.

  1. We have no sofa. Yet. But we longingly traipse around Ikea at least once a week making eyes at loveseats, futons and assorted couches. Of course the fact that Ikea is effectively a free bottomless coffee pot and used to sell the best candy in the world until a week ago may have something to do with it. But we are your sofaless who Anna, much to my regret.

    Comment by Hannah Curious — 20 February, 2013 1:12 pm

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