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Although I’m not going away

Although I’m not going away going away, This is the biggest week of my year.
And I’m going to be very busy.
I’m nervous, in fact, about how busy I’m going to be.
And I have a really sore neck…

So, to all intents and purposes, I’m away for the next week or so.
I’ll try and post something on tuesday.
Because it’s my little red boat’s birthday!

I don’t know why I’m so excited about that. Well I’m not that excited. Just a bit.
Anyway. I’m going away. ish.
Is it the blogathon this weekend? Well I’m kind of doing the anti-that. Spending 24 hours (times some) not posting. For charity.
Ach, it made sense in my head.

I’ll be back somewhen.
You know the drill, I have to bugger off a few days, e-mail if you like, guestbook’s yonder, use the comments to talk amongst yourselves… there are archives. Go and read those…. lalala.

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This is a little red boat. Little, red, and boaty.

I still post. Occasionally. Honest, I do.